9 Ways to Thank Your IT Department

November 24, 2014  

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, especially for the people that impact our lives – personally and professionally. One group of individuals, who are often forgotten or fall victim to ridicule, are IT professionals. 

Don’t be a turkey. Here are nine ways to show your IT Department you really are thankful for them this Thanksgiving:  

1. Do I know you? Delete unsolicited attachments in emails before opening them – especially from strange-yet-official sounding sources such as:  “Internal Systems Support” or “Document Server.” If you have such internal sources, you’re likely to already be familiar with who these types of emails should be coming from. Don’t be fooled by impostors.

2. Use priority requests appropriately. Instead of sending every email with the “highest-possible-holy-cow-this-is-super-urgent-I’m-the-only-customer-you-have priority,” consider what really constitutes an emergency. Allow us to prioritize all of our requests that we are tracking to ensure the most urgent issues are addressed in a timely manner. 

3. Keep the cranberry sauce at the dinner table. Don’t eat Thanksgiving dinner – or any meal – over your keyboard. Eating and drinking when mixed with technology never ends well – and is quite messy! 

4.Show, don’t tell. Submit tickets with as much information as possible describing the problem. Instead of saying “My email doesn’t work”, try “Ever since I changed my password yesterday, I can’t access my email, even though I keep entering in the new password when prompted.” Be descriptive. Provide IT with as much information as you can about events that occurred just prior to the issue occurring. Tickets help IT not only track and prioritize issue, but communicate back to you when we’ve started working on the ticket and when we will have the problem solved. 

5. If you know how something broke – say so! Be upfront. If the printer is not working and it happened to fall off the printer stand an hour earlier, please let us know! 

6. Let us know as soon as something isn’t working. Rather than waiting a few weeks, let us know as soon as the phone system goes down or as soon as your email stops sending messages. The sooner we know there’s a problem, the sooner we can fix it and get everything up and running. 

7. Company policy isn’t our wheelhouse. We’re sorry if you can’t visit your favorite websites while at work, but we cannot override those blocked sites. We love to play Clash of Clans as much as anyone, but sometimes it’s best to keep that entertainment at home. 

8. Keep an eye on your devices. Although your laptop’s contents may be encrypted, leaving it in a cab or airport is a corporate liability and takes time to redeploy new hardware. Please treat laptops like the important, expensive hardware they are.

9. Say thank you. We are often only called when someone is having a really bad day due to an issue. A simple thank you goes a long way. 

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