It’s Not Apples to Apples—Hosted Solutions vs. Cloud-based Services—A Closer Look

December 02, 2014  By Ian van Reenen
It's easy for IT service providers to claim they offer cloud-based services - after all, it’s just a hosted solution, right? But, there is a difference between it being a true 100% cloud, cloud-based service and a traditional hosted solution. It’s critical to ask the right questions and dive into the details to understand the distinctions between the two.
Find out what the difference is in this short video featuring Ian van Reenen, general manager, endpoint management product and engineering for Autotask.

Ian also highlights the top three advantages a SaaS solution will offer: 
  • Multi-tenancy– enables sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users.
  • Horizontal scaling across hundreds of services behind multiple load balancers–providing enterprise reliability for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Scalability and flexibility –as the provider will need to be able to adapt and grow their solution to accommodate other clients they want to sign up.

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Ian van Reenen
Vice President of Engineering, Endpoint Products
Ian is responsible for driving Autotask’s endpoint management product roadmap, development and delivery at Autotask.

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