When it Comes to Cloud, Are Software Vendors Walking the Walk or Talking the Talk?

December 15, 2014  By Christian Nagele
The challenges faced by software vendors in a move to the cloud are well-publicized, but it is a challenge that is still vastly underestimated by most software vendors looking to make the transition to a true cloud offering. This is because, almost without exception, unless an application is borne in the cloud it will need to be all but re-architected from the ground up.

Those companies whose genesis is cloud face no such issues; cloud delivery backed by a SaaS subscription model enables them to gain very real technical and commercial competitive advantage over competitors with an on premise heritage.

Christian Nagele, General Manager, RMM Global at Autotask, outlines the challenges associated with transitioning to the cloud and emphasizes the importance of partnering with a true cloud pro. 

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Christian Nagele
General Manager, RMM Global at Autotask
Christian is responsible for building the Autotask brand in the endpoint management market. 

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