A letter to Santa from IT Managers

December 22, 2014  
Dear Santa,

While we miss the days of getting toys or the highly sought after VIC-20, our Christmas list is a bit more strategic this year. 

Nearly every IT managers’ biggest wish is to be more strategic and less tactical in 2015.  Here’s our list of three things that can help us achieve that goal in 2015.

  1. IT value. The rise of cloud computing, business intelligence and big data is changing the IT management landscape. We hope to provide and prove the value of IT and how it can change the way the business operates. 
  2. Positive performance data. Sound IT operations backed by performance data can transform the reputation of the IT manager. IT managers can demonstrate they provide best-in-class services because they have the data to prove it. We know not to be fooled by those who don’t have supporting data. Chances are they are covering something up and it probably isn’t good (lump of coal, perhaps?). 
  3. Contribution to overall business goals. IT professionals at the management table help provide strategic direction for their organizations. It is the best place to be to control the myriad of IT applications that will otherwise overwhelm the IT department and its traditional role in the business. 
That's not a lot to ask for, right Santa? 

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and see you in 2015!

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