Autotask Audit: IT Architecture and Key Insights to Big Data Success

January 09, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Smart Data Collective: Is Your IT Architecture Ready for Big Data?
By Paul Barsch
With big data, there’s simply too much of it coming your way. Author James Gleick describes it this way: “The information produced and consumed by humankind used to vanish—that was the norm, the default. The sights, the sounds, the songs, the spoken word just melted away. Now expectations have inverted.”

InformationWeek: Speed To Insight: Key To Big Data Success
By Shanker Ramamurthy
Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Knowledge derived from big data has helped us accurately understand everything from the weather to traffic. In the process, big data analysis has touched many aspects of our lives, such as how medical treatments are prescribed.

Midsize Insider: Cloud Computing for Competitive Advantage
By Kelley Katsanos
Many businesses are leveraging cloud computing for competitive advantage. When utilized to its full potential, a cloud solution can be an integral tool for a business and enable it to do things better, smarter and faster than the competition.

InfoWorld: In 2015, big data will drive the Internet of things
By Yves de Montcheuil
With the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas capturing a lion's share of this week's coverage in both IT and consumer media, it seems obvious that 2015 will be The Year of the Connected Object.

CIO: Women CIOs Face Greater Challenges
By Sharon Florentine
The IT industry as a whole continues to struggle with gender diversity. While women make up 57 percent of the overall workforce, in the technology sector that number falls to just 25 percent. The disparity is even more evident at the IT executive level, where women represent only 20 percent of CIOs at Fortune 250 companies.

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