Autotask Audit: IoT Relies on IT and Becoming a Cloud Facilitator

February 13, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO Insight: How the Internet of Things Relies on IT Services
By Peter Thorne
In order to avoid disaster and reap the benefits produced by the Internet of Things, the nascent technology requires a response from several departments, including in-house IT teams in product development, manufacturing and field service organizations.

TechRadar: Become a cloud facilitator in 3 easy steps
By Keyon Thomas
With the improvements in the US economy, businesses – especially small businesses – feel more confident to put technology to work for them. Gaining this competitive advantage is why SMBs are looking to spend more money on IT.

Computerworld: IT jobs market booming in the Southwest
By Lamont Wood
The coasts might have the high-profile IT employers — big banks and insurance companies, Google, Apple and Microsoft. But the Southwest is the region that leads the nation in technology job growth; and, as many IT professionals have found, that part of the country has plenty of natural charms.

CloudWedge: 3 Cloud Computing Security Holes to Watch Out For
By Hadley Jones
When your data and files are going to be ‘up there somewhere’, it’s only normal that you’ll want to think security in the cloud. You could of course adopt the strategy of never betting more (data) than you can afford to lose.

Forbes: 5 Ways To Reach Connected Customers Using Big Data
By Leslie Dinham
In the era of the connected customer, having a big data strategy to collect, store, organize and analyze the trail of deep customer data is critical to the delivery of timely, personalized customer interactions. Fortunately, with the right technology, infrastructure and analytics in place to unlock the full potential of this data, driving deeper engagement with your connected customers is anything but guesswork.

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