Life Used to be So Sweet: How the New Autotask UI Stopped my Scone Supply

February 14, 2015  By Melissa Hockenberry
Some people run on coffee. I run on sweets—pastries of all kinds (scones are a particular favorite of mine). For years, I was given a sweet pastry or scone in return for my ‘saving the day’ when a customer or colleague were in a jam (ha, ha!). Scones of appreciation were my payment for helpful answers. Well, ever since we launched the new UI things have gone from sweet to bleak. And with the sweetest day of the year having just past (Valentine’s Day, of course), sweets are definitely on my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, the decrease in “scones of appreciation” is a VERY good thing, but I do miss my sweet treats. These days instead of getting a sweet, I hear sweet things from customers such as: 

“The new UI is great. It is very user friendly and having all the graphical data available at first glance is awesome.”

“Amazing. Very much a game changer.”

“Love it. Clean, fresh and the dashboards will prove to be very informative.”

Thanks to the intuitive nature of the new UI, everyone is able to find the features and information they need.  Calling in a favor from a knowledgeable Autotask expert to help navigate is no longer necessary.   Everything is easy-to-find and right where you’d expect it to be.
Now, this is not to say that Autotask training can't help you gain greater efficiency and automation using our IT Business Management Platform. Oh, no, there is still a great deal our client service and training teams can help with when it comes to that. It is just that the newly designed navigation is so simple and functional it no longer requires help from an experienced dessert-deprived employee.
But I’m not letting this dampen my spirits.  Instead, I’m determined to work harder to provide insightful trainings and webinars that will make any user so grateful they will want to repay my efforts in sweet treats. Bring on the sugar and my much beloved scones! 

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Melissa Hockenberry
Community & Training Program Manager

Melissa has extensive experience working with Autotask customers to train and support them in maximizing their investment in the Autotask IT Business Management Platform. She oversees the global training team and ensures they are leading training programs that help customers realize ROI from Autotask solutions. She develops and delivers highly effective training curriculum that educates customers on how to fully utilize the Autotask platform to grow their business.

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