Autotask Week in IT: Riding the Big Data Wave and Bringing Cloud Services to the Enterprise

February 27, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Business 2 Community: Riding the Big Data Wave to Success
By Jimmy Winskowski
Many have argued that the big data wave is the most significant technological development since the foundation of the Internet. Businesses are increasingly finding new ways to leverage the data that they collect to reduce costs, improve productivity and make better decisions.

BetaNews: IT departments take the lead in bringing cloud services to the enterprise
By Ian Barker
It seems to be IT departments that are driving the move with 62 percent of enterprises reporting that central IT makes the majority of their cloud spending decisions. 43 percent of IT teams are offering some form of self-service portal to allow access to cloud services, with an additional 41 percent planning or already developing a portal.

InfoWorld: Business and IT have no good reason to fight over the cloud
By David Linthicum
Business units see themselves having much more control of cloud-based resources than IT would perhaps like to see. "Part of this conflict in expectations is likely rooted in the business units' desire for more agility and their concerns that central IT is too cautious in cloud adoption,” the report notes.

TechRadar: How the cloud can make any business – large or small – more successful
By Ian Stone
Although it is difficult to pin down just one factor that makes cloud computing such a game-changer for businesses, perhaps the key benefit rests in its ability to 'level the playing field'. By removing much of the initial upfront costs, the cloud allows small and medium businesses to compete with their larger rivals.

InformationWeek: Internet Of Things: 3 Actions To Prep
By Peter Waterhouse
Spare a kind thought for folks working in IT. Ever since the first commercial computer hit the streets in the 1950s, they've been struggling to meet our insatiable demand for software. It's getting worse.

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