"Get To Know An Autotasker" - Steve Curran

March 09, 2015  
Today we're kicking off a new video series that takes us where we've never gone before... behind the scenes at Autotask. In "Get To Know An Autotasker" you'll get a sneak peek at the people who make Autotask a great place to work, their roles and even some fun, personal tidbits such as their favorite foods, mottos, and biggest pet peeves (we're all human, after all). We learned some things we never knew about our fellow employees and we're sure you'll be surprised, too. Ready to meet our first Autotasker?

A self-professed grilling fanatic in all kinds of weather, this guy is all about the fire whether that’s lighting up the grill or the fire in his team’s belly. As Manager of Services - Americas, Steve works with some of the most passionate Autotaskers. When it comes to ensuring customers are happy they stop at nothing.  Get to know more about Autotasker Steve Curran. 

My ideal day: A football stadium on a crisp fall day.
My greatest fear: Heights, I hate heights
My last dinner: My favorite, meatloaf.
My greatest appreciation is for: My wife. She always puts everyone else first and she will do anything for anyone and never asks what’s in it for her.  
My pet peeve: Negativity, I don’t like people that complain about everything.   Things really can’t be that bad.
My greatest extravagance: NFL Sunday ticket on DirecTV
My Zen place: Taking a long run first thing in the morning when the sun is just coming up. 
My work in progress: I am always in a hurry and I am trying to slow down more and smell the roses. 

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