A Winning IT Department Bracket

March 22, 2015  

In honor of March Madness, we put together our own bracket, but not for basketball. For IT departments.  

Ever wonder what it takes to have a perfect IT Department? Take a peek at our playbook for a look at what we consider the Elite Eight elements for a winning IT department:

8) Ticketing: A ticketing system is necessary to meet clients’ ever-changing needs and demands. Keeping track of each issue and properly ticketing is essential to company organization and budgeting. A great ticket tracking system lets you e tablish and measure SLA performance across a broad set of variables (technicians, customers, devices, etc.).  

7) Project Management: You need an effective project management system so you can set proper expectations around costs and completion dates that is planned and budgeted in advance. Ideally, it will let you factor how much of a resource can be applied to proactive project work vs. reactive ticket work, so you can manage disruptions and still be predictable. 

6) Time Tracking: It’s not only important to keep track of your time for billing purposes, but to see where you are allocating your resources. 

5) Integrations with Cloud Apps: Migrating to the cloud is a reality in today’s IT environment. IT service providers must embrace cloud technologies, as the industry disruption is undeniable. Have a simple set of questions to vet any cloud vendor to separate Cloud Pros from Cloud Posers. Such as:  What percentage of uptime do you guarantee? Tell me about your security history. 

4) Analytics: Use metrics to track the progression of projects and goals to determine what needs to happen next. Do long-term trend analysis to figure out how to grow a business and grow your relationship with clients.  Measure the right things that impact your business’ bottom line. 

3) Endpoint integration: Make sure you have a highly scalable, cloud-based architecture that enables users to remotely monitor and manage all of their endpoints (i.e. servers, computers and mobile devices) with complete visibility and control. Have the right remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool configured perfectly to alert you about the things that need immediate attention and warn you about things that will need urgent attention in the future if left unchecked. 

2) Intrusion Detection/Security: Security is a necessity in today’s business world and a major priority. Make sure you have security policies that are simple and clearly written, a good Antivirus tool with centralized management across all platforms and a good cloud-based anti-spam system. 

1) CIO/Management (Champion): The right leader can make or break the IT Department. He/she can establish a culture of excellence and precision (and even can get the team to be enthusiastic about 2:00 a.m. phone calls to solve a problem before it impacts the business). He/she sets the culture to focus on security and availability only as a means to allow their customers to get their work done, not as the end game. 

CIO ran our IT Department bracket as a slideshow. Check it out here

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