Autotask Week in IT: IT Spend Rising and Internet of Things Connections to Quadruple

March 27, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: Internet of Things connections to quadruple by 2020
By Thor Olavsrud
Here in 2015, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already having a massive effect on business, according to a recent report by Verizon, and by 2025 it predicts best-in-class organizations that use IoT extensively will be up to 10 percent more profitable than they are today.

MSPmentor: IT Spend and Cloud Computing Rising in 2015
By Michael Brown
This year, it looks like IT spending is going up, and cloud-based file sharing is a big contributor. A survey of IT executives shows 43 percent of companies plan to increase their IT budget in 2015, with the average increase at 13 percent. Here is what they plan to spend their IT budgets on this year.

Forbes: 56% Of Enterprises Will Increase Their Investment In Big Data Over The Next Three Years
By Louis Columbus
70% of IT decision-makers consider their organization’s ability to exploit value from big data as critical to their future success. 65% say they risk becoming irrelevant and/or uncompetitive if they do not embrace big data. 64% are seeing big data changing traditional business boundaries, enabling non-traditional providers to move into their industries.

CIO: Five Basic Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing
By Janel Ryan
We’ve all heard about cloud computing, but it may still seem like a foreign language to some. Because cloud computing has become a big deal (like, change the face of IT big), we thought we would provide a brief cloud computing introduction.

Information Age: Capitalising on the power of big data
By Ben Rossi
Healthcare scientists examine vast volumes of genome sequencing data to crack some of society’s most difficult diseases. Retailers are using data analytics to predict which clothing range will fly off the rails next season.

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