Setting Up Wallboards is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

April 10, 2015  By Joe Rourke
1. Create a dashboard user

You will notice that there is a new security level for “Dashboard User”.


When a resource is created with this security level, the logged resource will only have read-only access to dashboards published to them. When the dashboard user is first created, the dashboards will be blank.

2. Share and publish dashboards to the “Dashboard User”

Share an existing dashboard tab with the “Dashboard User” or create a new one to share.


3. Load your new Autotask Wallboard

You can now login to Autotask as the “Dashboard User”. Choose to put the screen into presentation mode in order to get a full-screen view on your wallboards.


Are you using Autotask Wallboards? Find out more about them here

Joe Rourke
Director of Product Management

Joe has managed the Autotask core product roadmap for the past eight years. He has pioneered innovations such as the performance dashboards, which provide companies a visual view of their business to make fact-based decisions.

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