"Get To Know An Autotasker" - Katee Cufari

April 29, 2015  
Meet Katie, a fun-loving, energetic customer-obsessed partner program manager. She’s Irish, has a young son named Liam and values loyalty in her friends.

My best personality trait: My passionate nature 
My favorite thing to eat: Cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter (minor obsession)
My greatest extravagance: Parties-“What can I say, I’m an Irish girl?!”
My favorite journey: The time I spent working and living in India
My go-to expression: “Stop…are you serious?”
My one thing to change: Spend more time taking care of myself 
My greatest achievement: My son, Liam  
My happiest moment: In the delivery room at the hospital with my husband when Liam showed up!
My outlook on life: Optimistic

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