Autotask Week in IT: IT Leaders Driving Innovation and Decoding Big Data Buzzwords

May 08, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Computer Business Review: IT Leaders At Helm Have Golden Opportunity To Drive Innovation
By Staff Writer
A new report has revealed that digital strategy is controlled by either the CIO or CTO in 60% of European organizations, providing an opportunity for IT leaders to shape their business's future. In order to achieve their goals, leaders are urged to use their resources wisely to innovate solutions that reduce costs and maintain existing service support.

CIO: Decoding Big Data Buzzwords
By Saurabh Sharma
As the popularity of data analytics has proliferated across the business world, so too has the language spoken by the practitioners. So for those somewhat new to the game or simply looking to bone up on the latest terms and slang, let us identify and attempt to explain the latest and greatest in Big Data buzzwords.

InformationAge: Are You Ready? How To Rethink IT For Generation M
By Chloe Green
Now more than ever, we turn to mobile devices to help us get the most out of our days. This rapid growth can be attributed in part to the unprecedented level of flexibility that mobile technologies give employees. Remote working enables us to manage our business and personal lives anywhere, at any time.

InformationWeek: 6 Ways To Master The Data-Driven Enterprise
By Lisa Morgan
Big data is changing the way companies and industries operate. Although virtually all businesses acknowledge the trend, not all of them are equally prepared to meet the challenge. The companies in the best position to compete have transformed themselves into "data-driven" organizations.

Entrepreneur: 4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud
By Andre Lavoie
Cloud computing can mean big changes for small businesses. Those changes have been realized by many of today’s small-business owners, from tech startups in the heart of Silicon Valley to urban and small-town mom-and-pop shops.

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