Remote Monitoring and Management Solution Benchmark: How Satisfied Are You?

May 11, 2015  
Our survey; of 1,800 Managed Services Providers (MSPs) found about 9 out of 10 survey respondents use a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, but fewer than 3 out of 10 reported being “very satisfied.” 

Most respondents aren’t getting everything they need and all that they could from a remote monitoring and endpoint management (RMM) solution. So, what exactly do they want? According to our survey, the top five attributes MSP’s value in an RMM solution are:

1. Reliability
2. Integration with Autotask
3. Cloud performance
4. Scalability
5. Good vendor relationship

These rankings reflect changing client needs and reinforce the opportunity for MSPs to move from a role of project manager and maintenance engineer to trusted advisor. Additional survey findings paint a picture of clients that are struggling with complexity as they  embrace cloud services, cloud apps and mobility — and all of the benefits that these bring. At the same time, clients know that their hardware and software has become the lifeblood of operations, and so they want assurances about security and reliability. 

Overall, companies are looking to their MSPs to manage their technology today, and guide them to make decisions that pay off in the future. They need a more consultative relationship, with a personal touch. 

How can MSPs meet this new mandate? Just as with their clients, the benefits derive from using a cloud model. More specifically, using a modern RMM solution that’s designed for a cloud environment, and that can be integrated with the core business-process platform, adds automation of repeatable tasks and is scalable, MSPs can provide the security and reliability they always have while freeing up resources for time-intensive consulting. 

It’s a great time for business technology tools in terms of the benefits they provide, but it’s also a confusing time for businesses as they adopt these tools. This dichotomy provides an opportunity for MSPs, but they, too, need the right tools (especially the right RMM solution) to reap the greatest benefits. 

For more detail and analysis of the findings, the 2015 Managed Services Market Study eBook is available />

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