Autotask Week in IT: CIOs Transforming IT and Big Data in the Cloud

May 15, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CloudTweaks: Four Reasons Why CIOs Must Transform IT Into ITaaS To Survive
By Marc Malizia
In short, ITaaS can transform IT from a cost-center to a strategic part of the enterprise. Adopting an ITaaS mentality will enable IT to adopt a business-centric approach with a focus on collaborating with the business units to understand their needs and requirements in order to become a strategic partner rather than a combative force to be avoided.

InfoWorld: Hoisting Big Data To The Cloud
By Eric Knorr
The general consensus about big data has been that it's too expensive to move. But what if you could use remote backup copies in the cloud for analytics, app dev and other applications? At first glance, big data analytics seems to be the perfect sort of workload for the public cloud.

Computerworld: 5 Lessons Small IT Shops Can Teach The Big Guys
By Howard Baldwin
Thanks to anything-as-a-service options, tiny IT departments can be just as strong as big ones and more nimble, too. Here are five must-know practices the big guys can learn from these small but mighty shops. The new mantra of IT seems to be "do more with less," but how does that work in practice?

The Whir: Why so Many Organizations are Now Using the Cloud
By Bill Kleyman
Over the years, there have been many new technologies which have helped influence and shape the business world. As more users and organizations turn to the Internet to help them deliver some type of service or function – there has been a rise on the need for cloud computing.

CIO: Automation Accelerates Big Data Projects
By Shoeb Javed
At the best of times, big data projects are massive and challenging. In today’s environments CIOs must also simultaneously ensure that critical business processes are not disrupted as they implement these projects in already-complex enterprise application landscapes.

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