Autotask Week in IT: MSPs Managing the Public Cloud and the Modern CIO

July 17, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Talkin’ Cloud: As Adoption Grows, Companies Want MSPs to Manage Public Cloud: Report
By Nicole Henderson
The majority of IT decision makers in large and midsize US companies want to outsource their public cloud management, with 70 percent preferring to deal with a single vendor to manage their entire IT infrastructure, according to a new report.

CIO Insight: Automation and the Modern CIO
By Karen A. Frenkel
The modern CIO runs one of the most critical departments in the business. IT is the seat of innovation, so the direction the CIO ought to take is discussed at the board level. In this transitional period for IT, trends have ever-shortening lifespans; disruption is the norm.

Forbes: Cloud IT Spending Surges, And May Be More Pervasive Than The Numbers Show
By Joe McKendrick
It must be tough to be an analyst estimating the size of the cloud market. Where do you draw the line between a “cloud” system and a “non-cloud” system? It’s a fuzzy line at best, if there even is a line any more.

ChannelInsider: IT Skills Gap Cuts Across Technologies, Regions
By Maggie O’Neill
Four-fifths of IT leaders describe the IT skills gap as real, but not as many say they have the needed skills in-house to turn to for a stop-gap solution, concludes a new report from TEKsystems, "Exploring the IT Skills Gap." Frustrations exist on both ends—IT leaders describe an unqualified pool of candidates as a top challenge and job-seekers say unrealistic technical requirements in hiring top their list.

CIO: Why the IT outsourcing model is moving away from manic multisourcing
By Stephanie Overby
The prevailing IT outsourcing model has shifted from a single provider approach to managing a host of best-of-breed vendors. But the pendulum may have shifted too far in the direction of multisourcing as IT leaders now try to get a handle on their outsourcing portfolios.

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