Autotask Week in IT: How CIOs can Drive Business Growth and the Hybrid Cloud

July 24, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO Insight: How CIOs Can Drive Business Growth
By Pat Burke 
While most CIOs look forward to the opportunity to use tech to help the business strategically, several obstacles are getting in the way, according to a recent survey. The majority of surveyed CIOs revealed doubts in their ability to provide fitting new IT services to drive business growth. The Brocade report, "Global CIO Study 2015: Taking Up the Task of Business Transformation," indicates even more CIOs question whether they are getting the most that they can out of analytics and data mining.

Talkin’ Cloud: The Coming of Hybrid Cloud Integration
By Mike Vizard 
While integration has emerged as one of the primary avenues through which solution providers can add value in the age of the cloud there’s still a lot of debate over where those integrations should be executed. In the first wave of integration in the age of the cloud, the assumption was that all integrations would take place on cloud platform. 

MSPmentor: 4 Things Complicating Your Client’s Cloud Buying Decisions
By Michael Brown 
The IT industry as a whole has exploded the past few years. With the evolution of new technology and the rise in new security concerns it is harder than ever for businesses to make educated and strategic buying decisions when it comes to cloud-based file sharing.

ChannelInsider: Data Analysis as a Service Can Cut Customer Costs

By Gina Roos
Enterprises still face significant hurdles in capitalizing on the benefits of data analytics, according to a new survey of business-to-business companies. The survey, released by Data Intensity and conducted by Researchscape International, finds that 63 percent of survey respondents (including C-level executives, directors and vice presidents) said it's taking them too long to get meaningful reports and insights from their data to make better-informed business decisions. 

CIO: IT Resume Makeover: How to use charts and graphs
By Sharon Florentine 
If you're trying to catch a recruiter or hiring manager's eye, one of the best ways is to use charts and graphs in your resume. These visual aids are especially helpful if you're an IT sales or marketing pro looking to visually describe your business or revenue-generating acumen, says career development specialist and resume writer Jennifer Hay, with IT Resume Service.

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