3 Tips for Attracting the Best Talent in IT

August 04, 2015  
One of the most important things a company can do to remain competitive is find and retain IT talent. This has proven to be no easy task and companies are struggling to determine the best ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace for top talent.   

There's a new emphasis on corporate culture and even the smallest startups are offering benefits that match larger companies. Recruiting the best talent in the IT industry doesn’t have to be a complicated sport of showboating and complex algorithms, but it’s not as simple as adding a ping-pong table to the employee lounge. 

Here are three tips to help answer some of today’s big recruiting questions: 
  • What is the best way to handle a multi-generational workforce?
  • How should we position and present ourselves in order to recruit fresh talent?
  • How do we retain once we hire?

  • 1. Start integrating Millennials into your workforce. Millennials are the new workforce and the number of millennials in the workplace will soon surpass the Baby Boomers. While they value purpose in their work as much as good compensation, this doesn't mean they’ll choose purpose over good compensation. 

    Be mindful of millennials’ need for feedback and development and do not confuse that with a need for constant praise. The trick to retaining any employee is ensuring that they are developing in their role, not just filling it. 

    2. Don't waste your employees' talent with outdated tools and technology. Any new hire will only be as efficient as the tools you provide to them. If your business is unwilling to keep your essential applications and processes up to date, you can expect your current talent to start looking elsewhere, and prospects to look away.

    3. Create a culture with challenging work and new opportunities. Keeping employees requires fostering a culture where great talent wants to stay and thrive, but don’t play the bait-and-switch game. You never know what challenges people will be attracted to, so be honest about the work and opportunities you can offer. Overpromising or misleading new employees will hurt your company culture and waste time and money. 

    Also, recognize the value that diversity can bring to your organization. Talent doesn’t wear a uniform, and bringing different perspectives together is the precursor to innovative thinking.

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