#AutotaskChat: Transforming IT Professionals into Business Pros

August 10, 2015  
Len DiCostanzo, SVP of Community and Business Development, or as Thomas Clancy from Valiant Technology and frequent #AutotaskChat participant likes to call him, “The Godfather,” hosted an Autotask Twitter chat on how IT pros can transform into business pros. 

With the growth of available data, reliance on tech solutions and dominance of the cloud, we’ve seen the IT department play a growing role in helping organizations achieve their business goals. CIOs now get a seat at the boardroom table with the rest of the C-Level execs.

To dive deeper into this topic and to see how others in IT are working towards aligning IT with their company mission statement, Len asked questions such as:

  • Why is the industry seeing more overlap between IT/business responsibilities?
  • Do you have a seat at the table for business-related decisions or are you told after the meeting what to do as an IT Pro?
  • What business-related decisions should be next for IT pros and/or MSPs?

  • Chat participants’ responses included: the top three skills business owners must have, the importance of understanding costs, an emphasis that IT is not a department -- it is in every department, and much more. To read the full Twitter chat with all of Len’s questions and the responses view it here.

    For even more helpful resources on how to become more business savvy, check out our eBooks Smart IT Guide: 5 Steps to Pricing Managed Services and Smart IT Guide: Building a Profitable Hybrid IT Services Catalog and register for Len’s webinar on September 24 for a step-by-step guide to building a hybrid IT services catalog. 

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