"Get to Know an Autotasker" - Tharani Jeganathan

August 17, 2015  

Meet Tharani Jeganathan, who many fellow Autotaskers better know, and love, as TJ. She works as the Manager of Services for the EMEA region and has been with Autotask for two years. TJ enjoys the open, honest, welcoming environment of her office and the close knit, collaborative community of Autotask customers. As TJ’s happy place is somewhere tranquil by the sea, she definitely knows how to enjoy herself. She lives by the motto, “Smile. Just smile, because it can’t be that bad.” And if that motto doesn’t make you grin on its own, just watch this video to see TJ impersonating Michael Jackson… and we guarantee her dance moves will get you to crack a smile.  

My favorite food: Home cooked Sri Lankan Mutton curry with Puttu or a good old British Roast Dinner.

My idea of perfect happiness: Those moments when you are surrounded by loved ones, laughing together without a care in the world – that’s pure happiness.

My favorite place to vacation: Romania 

My small confession: I’m terrible at lying, but when I say “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” it’s never 5 minutes.

My most overused word or phrase: Perfect

My most marked characteristic: I’m told it’s my handshake...

What I value most in my friends: Trust

My greatest achievement: I think the greatest is still to be achieved.

Why this year has been the “best year ever” at Autotask: The last year has been phenomenal at Autotask; becoming part of the Vista family, acquiring CentraStage to expand our own Autotask family and now Soonr. The new Autotask UIX design released at the beginning of 2015 completely revolutionised how our customers viewed and experienced Autotask. The last year has seen our Autotask family just grow stronger and more united than ever before.     

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