The Force Awakens: The Rise of the End User and BYOD

September 08, 2015  

Technology continues to consume our daily lives with a seemingly never-ending stream of new gadgets and software applications. In the past 10-15 years, the role and influence of the IT department has changed significantly and the modern reality is that IT cannot function as the “gatekeeper” controlling everything on the corporate network. With 80% of enterprises allowing employees to use personal devices to connect to corporate networks, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has created new opportunities and challenges for MSPs and IT Service Providers.

Businesses are going to need help formulating a strategy around this democratization of IT and management of endpoints. While it’d be great if you could ‘use the force’ to make that happen, the reality is you need to offer solutions that help your clients stay productive while keeping their information secure.

More so than any other time in history, the dominant force behind enterprise network evolution has become the end user. Employees want to use what they feel comfortable with, whether hardware or software, and they feel more productive in doing so. More and more people are mobile, working from home or remotely from another location. This emphasizes the importance of being able to share files securely from anywhere on any device. A file synchronization and sharing (FSS) solution purpose built for business becomes critical.

The rise of mobile devices and flood of cloud services are bringing A New Hope for MSPs and ITSPs. And smart IT professionals aren’t sitting on the sidelines. They’re proactively planning for and embracing these rapid changes by building out their services offerings so that together with their clients they can rule the galaxy.

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