Autotask Week in IT: What IT Will Look Like in Five Years and MSPs Need to ‘Grow or Go’

September 11, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

InfoWorld: Clouds ahead: What an IT career will look like five years out
By Paul Heltzel
Don't get us wrong: In today's quickly evolving tech world, it's easy to get lost chasing the turbulent present moment. The pace of change can be dizzying, and keeping up on everything that's emerging in IT today can drive even the most devoted tech worker to distraction.

Channelnomics: MSPs need to 'grow or go'
By Lisa Lacy
The MSP space will see further consolidation because it will become cost-prohibitive to do business without economies of scale, one partner tells Channelnomics. Chad Paalman, partner at NuWave Technology Partners, a Michigan-based solution provider, said that what has been a very easy, low barrier to entry is changing "as we speak."

ChannelInsider: Digital Business Transformation Picks Up the Pace
By Mike Vizard
As organizations look to transform themselves into digital entities that enjoy better relationships with their customers, just about every aspect of enterprise IT is undergoing a transformation. Although most companies have made significant progress, they still have a long way to go, according to the findings of a new survey.

CIO: 2015 reality check: IT spending, confidence on an upswing
By Beth Stackpole
The optimism buoying IT at the start of 2015 appears to be sticking around. A mid-year check-in reveals better-than-expected budget increases and tighter alignment with the business, putting IT in the driver's seat to respond to organizations' escalating technology needs.

CloudHub: Companies can avoid shadow IT with enterprise-grade file sync and share
By Roland Moore-Colyer
Alongside suggesting more use of high-security enterprise file sync and share software, the whitepaper recommends solid policies need to be in place before an enterprise signs off on the use of CFSS inside its network. “IT decision makers – perhaps working with security, legal and compliance teams – should develop policies for the appropriate use of file sync and sharing capabilities,” it noted.

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