It all Adds Up! Autotask Dashboards + Insight into Metrics = SLA First Response Improvement of 23%

September 29, 2015  
Fall is here, back to school is in full swing and that means it’s time to hit the books. If you’re a technology service provider (TSP) using Autotask dashboards, you’re gaining insight into the metrics that matter to your business. And we wanted to highlight the great work you’ve been doing to be ‘best in class.’
We took a look at one of the most important metrics for TSPs—service level agreement (SLA) compliance. We think you’ll like what we found.  
Dashboards are moving TSPs to the front of the class and turning them into SLA compliance “valedictorians.” In just six months, gold star worthy results:
  • With the implementation of dashboards, median SLA first response improved 23%, dropping from 1.77 hours to 1.36 hours
  • Using a service level dashboard reduced SLA first response times across the board, with the number of companies able to meet a 2 hour first response time growing from 52% to 60%
So, where do you rank in the class? Do you need a dashboard tutor? Below is an infographic showing how Autotask dashboards are making technology services providers SL“A” students:


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