How Data-Driven Companies Are Extending Autotask's Capabilities

October 05, 2015  By Michelle Bournstein
By Michelle Bournstein, Autotask Consultant and Certified CCP, CFS

Recently, I've been helping Autotask clients integrate information from other platforms directly into Autotask. This allows Autotask users the capability to track assets, measure performance and prioritize actions. Leveraging Autotask’s integration options to sync with external applications provides the necessary tools to be successful. 

For example, a company's sales team might want to use, but others—executives and managers—want to see opportunity information combined with service management to check performance-to-goals, profitability and client satisfaction. The Autotask integration with Salesforce bridges the data gap and provides needed information from both a reporting and processing standpoint.

The extension solves two challenges that are becoming more common: integrating data flows across functions and extracting optimal value from the unified data.

Some clients may want deeper visibility into asset availability, so we integrate data from their asset-tracking systems. For example, a company that has a nationwide client base monitors and manages customer-owned assets in real-time. This allows for management of the equipment and ensures billing amounts on the Autotask Recurring Service contracts are accurate each month. 

For another client, Autotask’s Dispatch Scheduler was integrated into Outlook so that managers could obtain true availability of resources by seeing all scheduled appointments, not just Autotask-centric work.

I'm also working with companies that use Autotask to track performance in marketing and sales, two functions that are quickly moving to digital workflows, processes and metrics. We typically integrate a quoting tool such as Quosal or QuoteWerks on the front end to generate client-facing deliverables. This information syncs directly with Autotask providing the ability to leverage Autotask Reports, Widgets and Dashboards.

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Michelle Bournstein

Michelle Bournstein is an Autotask consultant and certified CCP at CFS. She focuses on business processes, system configurations, efficiencies and innovative practices. Michelle provides in-depth support, training, LiveReports development, and tangible deliverables that ensure success. She has been consulting in the industry for 16 years.

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