Autotask Week in IT: MSPs Educate Non-IT Staff and CIO/CEO Collaboration

October 09, 2015  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

MSPmentor: MSPs: How to Educate Non-IT Staff
By Michael Brown
While the difference between the techie and the sales rep has provided us with many a laugh over the past few years, we are actually beginning to see damages resulting from this fumbling. Cloud-based file sharing services such as yours are perceived as part of the tech macrocosm that automatically draws an invisible barrier between you and your non-tech clients – an unnecessary barrier which you must overcome before their patronage can be won.

CIO: CIOs must collaborate with a new ‘digital champion’ – the CEO
By Clint Boulton
It's well-established that some CIOs are ceding control of certain IT assets, as CMOs and other executives purchase technologies to accelerate growth. But CEOs running companies conducting digital transformations are also spending more on technology that drives innovation, according to new research from PwC.

Channelnomics: Cloud taking back seat to staffing for MSPs
By Lisa Lacy
Changes in the MSP world come in the form of incremental adjustments, including even the cloud, which has certainly had an impact on the channel, but not perhaps in the drastic way prognosticators initially expected. According to some, big sweeping changes - like desktop in the cloud - will take time.

Business Review USA: Is your IT department up to speed on IoT?

By Andrew Rusnak
As we all know, the Internet is a connected web of devices, such as computers and servers, which exchange information in order to deliver content. The Internet of Things, or IoT, can be thought of as the Internet being taken out of an enclosed architecture.

IT World Canada: CIOs describe the ‘perfect storms’ that drove them to cloud computing
By Shane Schick
The potential benefits of cloud computing have been debated in Canada and elsewhere for years now, but a panel of IT leaders speaking at Microsoft’s Virtual CIO Summit on Tuesday suggested they only started making the move when they felt they had no other choice.

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