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November 20, 2015  

InformationWeek: 10 Skills CIOs Need To Survive, Thrive In 2016
By Jessica Davis

Cloud services, mobile devices, and the always-on Internet have shifted the way business is done today. Not only can customers access research at their fingertips wherever they are, but they want instant service, and if your company can't provide it, they will find another company that can in seconds. This environment is challenging businesses to transform themselves as well as creating a new generation of CIOs.

TechTarget: The new IT mindset should be all about the business
by Bob Plankers

Recently, I've been giving a talk to various IT groups. It's called "Clouds are Magic," partly because I'm a sarcastic kind of fellow and partly because if I titled it the way I really wanted to then no technical staff would listen. It touches upon clouds and transitioning to clouds, but it is mostly about the non-technical issues and changes in IT mindset folks like me need to survive this time. My goal is to give a few of my listeners an edge based on lessons I've learned.

MSPmentor: MSP? Here's How to Improve Your Marketing Efforts
by Datto Guest Blog

In the midst of building a business, it can be easy to ignore one of the most important factors that will make money: marketing. In our recent Datto partner podcast, Robin Robins, IT marketing and sales expert, offered her go-to sales and marketing practices for MSPs looking to grow their business.

CloudTweaks: The Internet of Things Lifts Off to the Cloud
by Jeremy Daniel

In only a decade from now, every single vehicle on earth will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoTs), according to Mobile Future, an association of cutting-edge technology and communications companies. And while that’s impressive, it’s only a shadow of where technology and the sector is going.

MSPmentor: You Can’t Be All Things to All Customers
by Howard M. Cohen

What does the term "managed service provider" mean? It’s actually a better question than you may think. Ask 1,000 MSPs how they define MSP, and you’ll get about 1,000 different answers.  Perhaps the best clue to an effective definition is to think of an MSP as a provider who manages services. Which services? Any IT-related services. Delivered by whom? It could be any IT service provider.

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