Four Ways Autotask Workplace Manager Streamlines Service Management

December 16, 2015  By Len DiCostanzo

The all-new Autotask Workplace (AWP) Manager is now available. It is purpose-built for members of the AWP Partner Program to support the provisioning and management of AWP services to partners’ end clients and users.  Because AWP Manager is integrated with Autotask PSA, partners can enjoy a seamless experience from quoting sales opportunities through closing, provisioning, managing, billing and support ticketing.  AWP Partners can sell, deploy and manage AWP with ease, enjoying the following features and benefits:

Sales Automation:

  • Populate Autotask PSA with the AWP service offering, allowing convenient quoting and tracking of opportunities.
  • Set up free trials for clients and prospects, and track their trial activity.

Billing Automation:

  • When deals are closed, service configurations are automatically synchronized with Autotask PSA for billing purposes, allowing combined billing for all of your recurring services.  Bills can be approved, posted and invoiced as usual.  This ensures billing accuracy and saves time.
  • As contract adjustments are made on an ongoing basis, such as adding or removing users, all changes are synchronized with PSA so that billing remains accurate.  This eliminates any concerns that service changes might slip through the cracks and fail to appear on billing statements.  Revenue is optimized because billing statements precisely reflect the service configurations.

Support Automation:

  • Client e-mail requests to AWP partners for service changes, such as increased storage or more seats can automatically create PSA support tickets.  This supports faster response times and reduces the opportunity for lost support requests.
  • From within AWP Manager, you can select any of your client teams, and then make configuration changes as necessary.  View, edit, add and delete users, manage Active Directory, sync or wipe user devices, make policy configuration changes and run reports, all within a single web portal.  If configured, you can also modify user share settings, recover deleted folders/files and restore previous folders/files on behalf of your clients.

Profitability Management:

  • AWP service costs and revenue are tracked from within Autotask PSA helping you maintain visibility of service profitability.  Also, all service upgrades are automatically populated so you can track service revenue growth.

The need for secure file collaboration and sharing is growing. Autotask’s purpose-built AWP Manager integrates the best of what Autotask IT Business Management platform has to offer to deliver a seamless experience and adds a valuable new service offering for ITSPs, MSPs to further enhance their customer experience.

Len DiCostanzo
Senior Vice President, Community & Business Development
Len is one of the most widely-recognized figures in the IT industry with more than 25 years experience in the channel. Len develops and nurtures Autotask’s strategic industry alliances around the world.

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