Security Tips to Keep Your Information Safe with Endpoints on the Rise

February 08, 2016  

It’s no coincidence that two of the most prominent trends for IT service providers (ITSPs) are closely related. As reported in our 2016 Metrics That Matter Survey, endpoint growth and demand for security services are top-of-mind for ITSPs.

According to our survey, 55% of ITSPs reported a steady or significant increase in the number of endpoints they manage, and 8 out of 10 ITSPs manage client endpoints via the cloud. With more endpoints and information access points, there is added opportunity for security to be breached, especially as networks are increasingly becoming a client-device-cloud structure. Here are some tips to make sure you keep your endpoints and information safe:

Adopt FSS to increase secure access

According to Connected Data & Wilson Research Group, one third of all businesses are expected to replace or implement a new File Sync and Share (FSS) solution this year. And for good reason – FSS solutions like Autotask Workplace can address both the need to manage more endpoints and the resulting security challenges.

Not only do FSS solutions allow syncing files between devices, remote file access and continuous background file backup – all helpful for managing endpoints and enhancing safety – but they can also provide configurable security measures.

Establish strict remote access security policies

With 80% of ITSPs using cloud delivery for endpoints, it’s clear that the cloud is central to allowing information to be accessible anywhere. However, this also results in a need for updated security policies, especially as Ponemon Institute reports that negligent employees ignoring mobile device security policies are seen as the greatest endpoint security risk.

Implementing a strict remote access policy can be the make or break step that prevents a breach.

Determine customer needs and security concerns early on to develop a plan

Every client has different needs, especially when it comes to cloud-based systems. Essentially all applications are connected to the cloud, making a mature cloud provider important to providing strong security measures.

By discussing security concerns with your client from the get-go and understanding their overall requirements, you will be better prepared to know what solutions meet their demands and what is required from you to ensure their information stays safe.

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