3 tips for landing your dream IT job

February 22, 2016  

With 80% of ITSPs planning on hiring new employees in 2016, according to our annual Metrics That Matter Survey, the time is right to polish your skills. Client renewal rates have been strong in past years, meaning ITSPs have the financial capacity, and the need, to hire new team members. Additionally, ITSPs report that they need a wide range of IT experts – 65% of open roles will be service desk hires, 32% will be sales and 23% will be projects.

Whether you are looking for a job this very second or it’s only in the back of your mind, here are ways to prepare to ensure you catch the eye of ITSPs looking to build their team:

  1. Become an expert – on social media: Even if you haven’t risen through the ranks yet at your current job, you can show off your IT expertise via social media. Establish yourself as an expert on Twitter or LinkedIn by strategically commenting on relevant trends and industry issues in a knowledgeable way. In the case that future employers start digging around, you will be positioned as well versed in your industry.
  2. Build your networks: Networking will help you make connections within the IT world that could lead to new opportunities. Whether you are attending an industry event, maintaining good relationships with former coworkers or even interacting with someone on Twitter, building these relationships could give you that extra edge when applying to jobs at their companies.
  3. Have a killer resume: We don’t mean lie about experience, but instead take measures so that your resume is done right. Make sure you are efficiently and concisely communicating the range of your experience.  Also, if you have a unique skill that may set you apart from other candidates, don’t be afraid to highlight that. “Show don’t tell” on your resume – just like any other narrative.

It’s a great time to be a part of the IT world – make sure you stand out. With so many ITSPs hiring, 2016 could be the year you land your dream job.

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