Clear up the ‘Cloudiness’ Surrounding Cloud Providers

March 07, 2016  
With 80% of ITSPs managing client endpoints via the cloud, according to our annual Metrics That Matter Survey, it’s clear that the cloud is not only an asset to the industry, but is becoming a necessity. As networks increasingly move from client-server to client-device-cloud and endpoint growth happens outside office walls, it’s important that companies understand whether or not they are getting all they can from their cloud provider. 

Most clouds have the obvious built-in benefits like flexibility, mobile accessibility, secure hosting and storage. But with so many cloud providers, it can be difficult to know if you are getting what you need from your provider. You want to be careful about cloud providers making false promises, like those who claim they’ve never had a security breach or that their cloud-based app is available 99.999% of the time – meaning they only have 5.5 minutes of downtime a year, which isn’t realistic.  

Additionally, each ITSP has different needs, and it is important to confirm if a cloud provider can fulfill them. Our Metrics That Matter Survey looked at how ITSPs are using public, private and hybrid cloud across the industry. Here are some key takeaways that illustrate the range of services ITSPs deliver via the cloud – emphasizing how varied their needs can be regarding cloud providers:

  • 54% ITSPs that use the private cloud for accounting, compared to 28% that use the hybrid cloud and 18% that use the public cloud
  • 49% ITSPs that use the public cloud for email, compared to 31% that use the hybrid cloud and 20% that use the private cloud
  • 45% ITSPs that use the hybrid cloud for disaster recovery, compared to 33% that use the private cloud and 22% that use the public cloud

With the cloud becoming central to ITSP operations and the reality of having to choose from a crowded cloud marketplace, it’s crucial to understand both what the cloud has to offer and how to get the most out of your provider’s offerings. 

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