Autotask Week in IT: How Security and the IoT Are Shaping the Future of IT

March 11, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: 4 principles that will shape the future of IT
By Bernard Golden

The universal feeling is that IT is changing in a huge way. And that change is not just in terms of the technology used in IT – though there is incredible change going on there. But also in in the very role of IT. In short, person after person, no matter their role or their employer, echoed the same message: IT is undergoing a profound transformation. I agree. And here’s my four tenets for the future of the IT industry.

Channelinsider: IT, Business Execs See Security Needs Differently
By Michael Vizard

The fact that IT organizations and C-level business executives are not on the same page when it comes to IT security might not be a surprise to solution providers in the channel. However, a new survey of 1,100 senior executives conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on behalf of VMware shows how wide that divide is. EIU polled C-suite business executives (chief executives, chief financial officers and chief operating officers) and CIOs, chief data officers or chief information security officers at companies with between $500 million and $10 billion in revenue.

TechTarget: Cybersecurity services: MSPs look to expand portfolios
By Nicole Lewis

When Matt Tirman considers the depth, breadth and frequency of cyberattacks and the challenges managed service providers confront as they strive to provide cybersecurity services to their customers, there's one word he doesn't like uttered within his earshot. "This is not the space to hear the word 'commoditized,'" said Tirman, CEO of Redhawk Network Security, an MSP based in Bend, Ore., that specializes in network security management for clients in the financial, healthcare, government, utilities and Indian gaming industries.

TechCrunch: Can you take the Internet out of the Internet of Things?
By Daniel Myers

The Internet of Things and the Internet might seem inextricably linked, but, increasingly, there are questions centered around how IoT devices should work with one another — and what happens when the Internet connection goes down? Users also are concerned with the privacy implications of having their data stored on a corporation’s servers, and they don’t like having an Internet connection as a potential point of failure. These reactions are rational, but reminiscent of online shopping circa 2000, which, ironically, might now be more secure than shopping in physical retail stores.

CloudTech: The cloud is becoming more secure – but it’s still costly to keep it that way
By James Bourne

Fears over cloud security will continue to linger, but the situation is improving: almost two thirds (64%) of enterprises polled by analyst house Clutch argue cloud infrastructure is more secure than legacy systems. 36% of the 300 respondents polled said cloud was much more secure than legacy infrastructure, compared to 28% who argued it was “somewhat” more secure. Only 11% of respondents argued cloud was in any way less secure, with 1% saying it was ‘much less’.

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