Spring Cleaning for Your IT Team

March 21, 2016  

Now that spring has sprung, it’s a great time to organize your IT department and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Here are some ways that you can get your IT department in tip-top shape:

  • Improve Service Level Agreement (SLA) response times: According to our Metrics that Matter survey 31% of ITSPs don't even know their SLA first-response times. The first step in improving SLA response times is actually, and accurately, measuring them. For example, after using a Service Level dashboard, median SLA first response improved by 23%. Not only does this ensure that your customer needs are being met, but it also helps you determine where your team may have room for improvement.
  • Prepare for remote workers: With the weather only getting warmer and vacations on the horizon, your employees will likely work remotely in the upcoming months. Prepare for this shift by adopting or updating your file sync and share (FSS) solutions, which enable employees to easily access files remotely and collaborate from any location. And better yet – FSS offers configurable security capabilities, meaning your information will remain secure no matter where it is accessed.
  • Keep your tools and technology fresh: One of the worst ways to waste your IT team’s talent is on outdated tools and technology. Not only will this limit your team’s performance, but it may also encourage them to start hunting for other employers that stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, outdated infrastructure can be a major security risk. Investing in the latest technology will keep your data safe and your team happy.

Even though there’s never a bad time to get organized and make department updates, it can be easy to put it on the back burner. But ultimately, by doing a thorough spring cleaning, you’ll see long-term results.

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