Your Next Podcast Addiction: Autotask IT Leadership Podcast Series

April 04, 2016  

We are all about doing whatever it takes to help you succeed. We recognize how invaluable and influential your peers can be so we thought a podcast series would be a fantastic way to give you access to the most important IT trends and IT leaders’ secrets of success.  

Hosted by Joe Panettieri, Content Czar at ChannelE2E, the podcast series features executives from leading technology service providers. Tim Britt, CEO of Synoptek, was our first guest sharing the essentials of a successful acquisition and what he learned about the looming dot com bubble from a hospital bed in Tokyo.

Here’s why tuning into our IT Leadership Podcast is a must:

  • IT leaders sharing the secrets of their success and insight about the business strategies that led them to the C-Suite, pure gold, my friends, because learning first-hand from peers means you drive your business forward that much faster.
  • Industry experts providing valuable insight into what they think is ‘the next big thing’ to impact the IT industry. What better way to stay ahead of the curve?
  • Featured guests participating in a live forum at Autotask Community Live! September 25-27 in Miami. Truly a can’t miss.  

Our April podcast features Steve Cox, COO, Technology Services Group, one of the UK’s largest managed services providers. You can also listen to the series on ChannelE2E here and Autotask here.

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