Autotask Week in IT: What Skills are Needed for Cloud Security Success?

April 22, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CloudWedge: Why Cloud Security is essential for the success of Internet of Things
By Cuneyt Karul

The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) into daily lives  is a hot topic for the consumer market with smart home appliances, smart phones and wearables all communicating with each other to create one network of connected systems. In a similar fashion the business-to-business (B2B) application of IoT technology presents a huge potential to change the way companies operate and create products. Not limited to large organizations IoT can be found in many sectors, including government, manufacturing, healthcare, amongst others.

CIO: 4 ways to apply SLAs to shadow IT
By Stephanie Overby

The risks and costs of shadow IT have been always been a concern for IT organizations. Yet the business clearly values the capability to procure certain IT services to rapidly meet its changing business needs — so much so that these informal IT capabilities are springing up even more often than IT leaders realize. One 2015 report by Cisco indicated that the number of unauthorized cloud applications being used in the enterprise, for example, was 15 to 10 times higher than CIOs estimated.

Channelnomics: Network is IoT's biggest challenge and solution
By Scharon Harding

Internet of Things' (IoT's) biggest challenge - a combination of scale and security - is both represented by and answered by the network, according to Jennifer Rexford, Gordon Y.S. Wu. In an interview with Channelnomics, Rexford, who is also known for developing a set of guidelines regarding the Border Gateway Protocol to ensure the internet's various networks manage traffic smoothly without global coordination, explained that the sheer number of devices IoT brings to the network is continuing to grow and challenge technologies that don't scale well when it comes to connecting those devices to the network.

IT Best of Breed: 5 Things Cloud Service Providers Should Know About The Data Center Market
By Gina Narcisi

The data center market is consolidating, with many of the large operators and industry-leading cloud providers looking to acquire physical facilities. While some companies in the cloud space are deciding they don't need to own physical data center facilities to compete, some of the tier-two cloud service providers are putting themselves on the radar with a small number of strategically placed data center locations.

CloudTech: The top five in-demand cloud security skills for 2016
By Ed Jones

The cloud computing market continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. According to a recent report from IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud services will grow 19.4% annually through to 2019. Six times the rate of overall IT spend growth, this will double the current spend from $70 billion to $141 billion. As more businesses transition to the cloud this will drive up demand for IT professionals with the skills to make the most of the technology.

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