What do Rod Tidwell and Autotask Community Live! have in common? It’s all about the ‘kwan’

April 28, 2016  

Time to throwback to classic Jerry Maguire for a minute because truly that’s the best way for us to get you excited about Autotask Community Live! 2016. We’re going to show you the money, show you the fun, show you the food, show you the love, show you the community. We’ll stop at nothing to rise above the noise of other events to make sure you leave feeling the love, seeing the value and jazzed about how to make your business the best ambassador of kwan.

Check out what your peers had to say about last year’s Autotask Community Live! (ACL): 

“ACL is an amazing opportunity to network and gain insights into business ideas that translate directly into increased profitability!”
Tor Valstrom, CEO, Conscient Systems

“I cannot say enough, every dime and every minute spent on/at ACL has already returned the investment immeasurably.”
Mark Stroud, Vice President, Operations, Absolute Technology Consulting, Inc.

“Every year, I have to decide if it [attending Autotask Community Live!] is worth the time investment to be out of the office…and at the end of the conference, I always get the same result that it was a slam dunk in regard to increasing revenue by attending. The Autotask product is great but it is the people and the culture of Autotask as a service organization that to me make the difference.”
Marty Goldmintz, Business Development Manager, Kustura Technologies (CCP)

“It's great to benchmark my business against the best in the business from around the world.”
Adam Warren, Managing Director, Tandem Systems Ltd. 

See what we mean? We’ll have you at ‘hello’. We really do show you the best time ever! So join us, register now to take advantage of early bird pricing deals that will make you shout like Jerry (ends May 20). And in case you need more incentive, take a look at the agenda loaded with high-quality sessions led by the industry’s elite.

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