Largest Privately Held MSP Reveals 3 Keys to Success, a Blog Featuring Synoptek CEO Tim Britt

May 03, 2016  By Tim Britt
Since the dot-com boom of the late 90’s, the IT world has evolved dramatically – and it shows no signs of slowing down. Throughout his dynamic career, Synoptek CEO Tim Britt has witnessed these changes first-hand, inspiring his in-depth involvement in the managed services space. 

During the first episode of the Autotask IT Leadership Podcast Series, Britt discussed the most pivotal moments of his IT career, the growth of Synoptek and the company’s M&A strategy. 

You could say it all started from a hospital bed in Tokyo. Britt was living in Japan with his wife and two children during his tenure at a consulting firm. He was recovering from back surgery and hopped on the World Wide Web to find books that would alleviate his boredom. 

“I found this website called Amazon and ordered a stack of books,” Britt noted. “They showed up in my hospital room two days later. I thought: ‘This is unbelievable, this is going to change the world.’ At that moment, I decided we were going to come back to the U.S. and I was going to get in the space.” 

Britt remains at the center of the IT universe as CEO of Synoptek, which is on the path to becoming one of the largest MSPs in the world. Most recently, the company acquired the IT services division of EarthLink. But its acquisition spree started more than a decade ago. Synoptek self-funded five acquisitions between 2005 and 2012, and went on to secure $30 million in funding to facilitate four additional significant acquisitions. 

How can other MSPs take cues from Synoptek and acquire companies that align with their growth strategy and overall brand vision? Britt noted that there are three critical areas to focus on: 

  • Company culture and mission: “We have a huge customer-centric orientation,” Britt said. “If we come across a business that isn’t so customer-centric, then that business is going to be difficult to integrate.”
  • Service scalability: Customers need to have a unified service experience, whether they reside in New York or California, Britt explained. The quality of the service, their experience and customer service needs to be aligned and consistent to ensure operational excellence.
  • Innovative thinking: With Synoptek’s string of successful acquisitions and its rapid growth worldwide, Britt had one final important lesson: To remain competitive, you must constantly plan and imagine how you’re going to use technology in the future. “So many service providers focus on keeping current operations running,” Britt noted. “But if you’re just keeping the current operations running, you are falling behind.”
Being innovative and forward-thinking will be especially paramount as organizations attempt to keep cyber criminals at bay.

“You've got these bad actors that literally are threatening the viability of everything that's evolved over the last 15 to 20 years,” Britt said. “...We as a global community have to solve for that problem and stop it in its tracks.” 

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Tim Britt
CEO Synoptek
In 2001, Tim Britt began building Synoptek, now a full-service consulting and IT outsourcing business. Synoptek is Tim’s direct response to the need for high-value consulting and IT outsourcing services, driven by results. By attracting and retaining top talent with a focus on excellent customer service, Synoptek has grown rapidly and realized Britt’s vision in the communities it serves. Tim has provided strategic management consulting, including IT strategy and implementation leadership, to large companies for more than 20 years and holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

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