Autotask Week in IT: Making the Leap from IT to IoT

May 06, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: To go from IT to IoT, build on your skills
By Stephen Lawson

The Internet of Things is growing so fast, it’s an obvious place to look for career growth. IoT is already a reality at 29 percent of enterprises, according to a Gartner survey taken late last year. Fourteen percent said they would implement it this year, and 64 percent said they plan to use some form of IoT eventually. Yet, like a lot of IoT technology, jobs in this vast field are still evolving out of what's been in place for years. Instead of aiming for a whole new job, the best strategy may be to add some skills to the ones you already have.

Channelinsider: How High Are Your Suppliers' Security Standards?
By Gina Roos

IT professionals should not underestimate the importance of their business partners and suppliers' security standards, and need to make investments to protect their interactions with others in their supply chain, according to a study conducted for security specialist Tripwire by Dimensional Research. A lack of security at business partners and suppliers can have a major impact on a business' bottom line, ranging from a loss of customer contracts to lower share pricing.

MSPmentor: MSPs: Make Retailers’ "Customer Experience Is King” Mantra Your Own
By Jasmine Lombardi

Like many MSPs, retailers are challenged with having to distinguish themselves from competitors primarily by fostering a positive customer experience. In fact, as recent Gartner research confirms, the customer experience is the new battlefield. So, how do retailers improve the customer experience? The answer to this question is where MSPs need to pay close attention: It all starts with soliciting customer feedback. Think about the last time you made a purchase online or at a brick-and-mortar store. How did the merchant ask for your feedback on your shopping experience?

eWEEK: 8 Things to Consider When Moving an Enterprise System to the Cloud
By Chris Preimesberger

Contrary to popular belief, not all companies have moved all, or even some, of their applications into cloud deployments. Some enterprises will never do this if it doesn't fit their business model. However, according to RightScale's 2015 State of the Cloud Survey, a whopping 93 percent of enterprises are adopting the cloud because it does fit their business model. This is because the cloud offers more data flexibility and accessibility, in addition to lowering costs and improving overall productivity, than on-site hardware systems.

ZDNet: Is single sign-on the answer to your cloud computing security worries?
By Mark Samuels

The cloud provides a raft of business benefits to organizations that want to access applications in a flexible and cost-conscious manner. But to really take advantage, businesses must be sure that information is easily and safely accessible. At the same time, as more organizations move their applications online, staff are confronted with a profusion of user names and passwords. CIOs must find a technical solution to the business challenge.

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