Autotask Week in IT: Putting Business Value on IT and IoT Security

May 13, 2016  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

TechCrunch: Rethinking security for the Internet of Things
By Mike Gault
Many people scoffed in January 2014 when Cisco CEO John Chambers pegged the “Internet of Everything” as a potential $17 trillion market, five to 10 times more impactful on society than the Internet itself. Two years later, it seems that Chambers’ prediction for the phenomenon more commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT) could be on the conservative side. There’s no question that IoT is ushering in a new era of innovation, connecting the digital and machine worlds to bring greater speed and efficiency to diverse sectors, including automotive, aviation, energy and healthcare.  

Channelinsider: Putting a Digital Business Value on IT Security
By Michael Vizard
New research points to increasing concern over IT security among finance and line-of-business executives. A survey of 1,014 senior finance and LOB execs conducted by Cisco Systems finds that not only is there more awareness of IT security within the context of digital business transformations, almost two-fifths report halting a project because of IT security concerns. At the same time, nearly a third said the main purpose of IT security is to enable business growth. 

MSPmentor: Digital IT Infrastructure Outpaces Physical for First Time
By Aldrin Brown
For the first time, more digital IT infrastructure is in use than physical infrastructure, and service providers should do all they can to hold onto already-loyal customers who will continue to spend big on cloud-friendly managed services, application hosting and security. Those were among the findings in “The Digital Revolution, Powered by Cloud,” a new study commissioned by Microsoft and released today by 451 Research.

Channelnomics: Partner M&A opportunity to elevate managers, vendor relationships
By Scharon Harding
M&As are an obvious way to build up a partners' portfolio of hardware, software or managed services, add to its repertoire of certifications, trainings and resources and also help with a vertical market play. Additionally, the strategic move can bring benefits to management development and vendor partnerships, according to Simon Tutt, president of DP Solutions, which looks to undergo an M&A every five to six years. DP, a Columbia, MD-based MSP with about 70 percent of its business in services, started an expected three-month-long acquisition of Choice Technologies last month.

CIO: Forrester calls for CIOs and CMOs to improve their relationship
By Sarah K. White
Not long ago, CIOs and CMOs didn't have much to talk about. The former was traditionally more focused on the technological infrastructure of the corporation, while the latter focused on the customer experience and brand image. Marketing technology has changed all of that. Forrester released a report that looks at the partnerships between CIOs and CMOs, and how the relationship is becoming vital to businesses. Researchers at Forrester interviewed companies such as Intel Security, IBM, Equifax and PR Newswire, among others, and they also surveyed 14,596 business and technology-decision makers.

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