Autotask Week in IT: The Future of Cloud and Channel Security

May 27, 2016  

CIO: IoT security is getting its own crash tests
By Stephen Lawson

The thousands of endpoints in IoT systems may have to protect themselves against thousands of dangers. A decades-old IT lab wants to tell you if they’re up to the task. On Wednesday, ICSA Labs announced a program to test the security features of IoT devices and sensors. If the products pass, ICSA will give them a seal of approval. It can also keep testing them periodically to make sure they’re still safe.

Channelinsider: Tying IT Projects to Business Results Is Crucial
By Michael Vizard

With line-of-business executives exercising more influence on how IT budgets are allocated, solution providers need to focus more on how IT projects provide better business outcomes. Linking IT projects to business outcomes is now critical when it comes to getting funding for a project approved, according to the findings of a survey of 100 IT executives conducted by IDG on behalf of IT solutions provider Datalink. Yet the most challenging issue facing IT leaders is that there is little standardization when it comes to business processes, the study finds.

TechTarget: RPA software: Service firms automate customers, themselves
By John Moore

Robotic process automation technology, the use of software robots to take the manual labor out of IT and business processes, is attracting large IT service providers and their enterprise customers. For IT services companies, from systems integrators to business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, RPA software engagements fall into a couple of categories. One type of project involves helping customers -- typically large enterprises -- deploy and manage software robots to improve their internal processes.

MSPmentor: Security Is No Longer the Top Cloud Challenge
By Charles Cooper

We’re used to hearing that security is the biggest bugaboo holding back greater migration to the cloud. Internet security concerns are said to be so acute that it’s widely accepted as an axiomatic truth. But it’s time to revise that argument. Digital security still rates as an important issue in any discussion about whether to migrate an enterprise’s data to the cloud. But enterprises have warmed up to cloud computing to the point where their biggest challenge now is actually finding enough people who have the necessary technical backgrounds to keep their cloud systems up and running.

Channelnomics: Security questions abound as channel evolves
By Jessica Meek

When it comes to security, it's tough out there; there's no denying it. Enterprises must continue to focus their efforts on the network, but they also need to turn their attention to the increasing risks posed by mobile security. Meanwhile, ransomware is plaguing customers, who find themselves paying up out of desperation to get their data back, while continued highly publicized hacks mean customers being exposed to more and more security questions and complexities.

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