Oh My, the ROI; #CommLive Attendees Testify

July 07, 2016  
With only so much money and time to spend attending industry conferences and loads of conferences to choose from, ROI is no longer a nice bonus for attending it’s a must. Gone are the days of taking a leap of faith and hoping you see value. You need a conference that will show you the return on investment and that’s just what Autotask Community Live (ACL) does. Our data shows that past attendees see 20% revenue increases after attending ACL.

Whether it’s the non-stop learning that’s of value or the access to vendors in one of the industry’s best sponsor showcases or the comprehensive boot camp style product training and forums, attendees share why ACL is so invaluable:

“The experience of ACL was amazing; from the boot camp on Sunday through the last session on Tuesday night I never stop learning. In addition to all the information and valuable contacts made with the Autotask and AEM staffs, meeting the other Autotask users and consultants showed me ways that others are using Autotask that I will be able to adapt over time and put to work in my business. I cannot say enough, every dime and every minute spent on/at ACL have already returned the investment immeasurably.”
Mark S., Managing Partner/Vice-President Operations

“Got a return on my investment within a few hours of the event starting.”
Robert M., Director 

“ACL is filled with amazing opportunities to network and gain insights into business ideas that translate directly into increased profitability.”
Tor V., Partner 

“ACL is always a valuable event for our company to attend. We have attended for the last 6 years and always bring back new ideas and better ways to do things.”
Amanda R., Director of Partner Service

“The training and networking is very valuable. There is always a ton of information to take in and I return with a 1,000 things I want to do, but I review my notes and learning and focus on the 2-3 items that will add the most value to my business now and implement them.”
Derek A., President

“Sometimes this is hard to quantify, but value for me comes from the networking and the business-related sessions are very worthwhile.”
Steven P., Director

“Awesome. So much knowledge in one place. Totally invaluable.”
Adam Y., Services Manager

“It’s great to benchmark my business against the best in the business from around the world.”
Adam W., Managing Director 

“ACL is a great networking and knowledge sharing event to enhance customer satisfaction with real business cases.”
Louis C., Operations Manager

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