Autotask Week in IT: Finding IT Talent and Cloud Security in 2016

July 08, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

The Wall Street Journal: Managed Services Face Uncertainty Over Cloud: Report
By Angus Loten
As more companies turn to the cloud to run their daily operations, managed services providers are worried about competing for customers with Microsoft Corp., Inc. and other big cloud firms, a new report said. Managed services providers, or MSPs, typically charge firms recurring fees – set out in contracts and service-level agreements – to handle desktop, applications and network management, remote help desks, backup and disaster recovery, and other remote IT services. They typically serve small to midsize firms, or individual departments within larger companies.

Channelnomics: MSSPs challenged to stay on the cutting edge
By Scharon Harding
MSSPs today are constantly working toward staying ahead of the curve. But when it comes to the latest technology, it appears more than just product knowhow is required to be a forward-thinking trusted advisor. Charles Arnett, director of product management at Chicago, Il-based MSSP Trustwave, says the key advantage MSSPs are able to bring is helping customers best take advantage of the various security technologies out there, which, he says, can be expensive and difficult to manage.

Channelinsider: Cognitive Computing Promises Profit Boost for MSPs
By Michael Vizard
With each passing day, it's clearer that the delivery of managed IT services is becoming more automated. Arguably, most managed service providers are now engaged in nothing less than an arms race. By automating multiple IT services efficiently, MSPs can reduce their costs significantly. In turn, it's almost inevitable those MSPs will pass those savings to their customers to gain market share at the expense of rivals. The challenge MSPs face today is that developing a highly automated service is an expensive proposition.

CIO: Finding, retaining IT talent still a struggle
By Sharon Florentine
What's the biggest threat to IT organizations today? According to global human resources and staffing solutions firm Randstad Technologies' 2016 Workplace Trends Report, it's the scarcity of skilled talent and an increasingly competitive landscape in which to attract and hire that talent. Of the 2,004 hiring managers and hiring decision makers surveyed between November and December 2015, 55 percent say finding the skilled talent they need is the biggest threat to meeting their revenue or business performance targets in 2016.

CSO: Cloud security in 2016: Trust, global concerns and looming IoT issues
By Joan Goodchild
The growth of cloud services has always come with a security caveat - many companies have been wary to hand over the keys to their data to services that store information in the public cloud. However, in recent years we’ve seen more enterprise move applications and data to cloud services, indicating a level of trust that wasn’t there initially. In the latest episode of Security Sessions, I spoke with Jim Reavis, CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance, about the trust issue, the difference in trust levels between the U.S. and Europe when it comes to the cloud, and whether the rise of the Internet of Things will help or hurt cloud security.

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