Autotask Week in IT: Business Opportunities and Security Protocols for MSPs in the Cloud

July 22, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Channelinsider: 10 Reasons to Update Legacy Monitoring Tools
By Gina Roos
There is no doubt that companies rely on technology to conduct business. The challenge is that as their digital infrastructures grow and become more complex, the monitoring tools added over the years have become difficult to manage and use together. A new report, State of Legacy Tools, from SevOne, a digital infrastructure management solutions provider, finds that in many instances these legacy infrastructure monitoring tools don't work together, don't scale and don't provide insight into the health of the infrastructure.

Talkin’ Cloud: Invest In Your Future: 5 Business Opportunities MSPs Can Leverage In The Cloud
By Kirill Bensonoff
New business opportunities are popping up everywhere for managed service providers that are intent on providing high quality services. According to CompTIA’s Fifth Annual State of the Channel Report, 66 percent of people surveyed are “generally optimistic” about the future of managed services. According to Trends In Managed Services: Three Predictions For 2016, "IT solution providers will be able to further enhance their ability to drive revenues and sustain their businesses by specializing in technologies such as cloud computing or security, or vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, and the public sector.”

MSPmentor: ‘Cyber-Liabilty’ Insurance Covers New Risks to MSPs
By Aldrin Brown
Not long ago, managed service providers (MSPs) mostly just needed to protect themselves against lawsuits for common mistakes or physical accidents, like a monitor falling onto a customer’s foot. Fast forward to the present and those same MSPs face a host of new and complex sources of liability, many stemming from the growing volume of sensitive customer data they’re charged with managing. As a result, the general liability, and errors and omissions (E&O) policies that once offered MSPs all the protection they needed, are increasingly inadequate for today’s IT landscape.

TechTarget: Digital workspaces embody end-user computing evolution
By Jack Madden
The term "workspace" may sound like yet another new marketing buzzword, but the concept of workspaces is actually a result of the culmination of years of end-user computing progress. To understand the digital workspace concept, it helps to look back a decade or two. For years, the Windows desktop acted as a standardized bucket that held almost everything IT needed to deliver to users. It provided the hardware, the user interface, the app launcher, app integration, data, the security container, the configuration container and identity.

CRN: Solution Providers Applaud New Security Protocol, Citing Security Concerns For IoT
By Lindsay O’Donnell
A conglomerate of technology vendors, including ARM, Symantec, and Sprint, said Wednesday they are developing a protocol to address security challenges in the Internet of Things. Solution providers are applauding the Open Trust Protocol (OTrP), which they say will enable an open standard for trusted software to provide a system root-level of trust with customers who are concerned about IoT security. Michael Goldstein, president and CEO of LAN Infotech, said security is top-of-mind with customers with whom he has talked to about the Internet of Things.

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