Autotask Week in IT: Cloud Computing’s Impact on IT

August 04, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO Insight: How the Cloud Has Made an Indelible Impact on IT
By Karen A. Frenkel
A new study shows that most organizations offload tasks, improve their agility, add new functionality and reduce costs with software as a service (SaaS), but they still need to think through unique security risks. The study, "The Impact of Cloud Applications on the Role of IT," was commissioned by BetterCloud and conducted by 451 Research using the U.S.-based web survey to query 269 organizations. The goal of the report was to pinpoint how cloud application adoption is changing the role of IT within enterprises now that hybrid IT—a mix of legacy systems with cloud services—is here.

CIO: 3 steps to enhance IT productivity through knowledge transfer
By Eric Bloom
Like data, corporate knowledge is created, stored, distributed and consumed. Unlike data, however, it can also be easily lost. A loss of knowledge is caused by multiple factors, including these: Retiring IT staff, Employee attrition, Temporary contractors moving on to other assignments, Vendors completing their software development engagement and moving on to new clients, Employees with technical skills moving into nontechnical roles, causing their technical abilities to diminish. Preventing knowledge loss within IT has three primary steps: creation, retention and distribution.

TechTarget: Remote monitoring and management tools: Some assembly required
By John Moore
Managed service providers and other channel partners have a wealth of remote monitoring and management tools to choose from when automating their businesses. But one set of tools doesn't always cover all of an MSP's bases. A company may need to supplement its core remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool with other tools that monitor legacy systems or cloud deployments. An MSP may also want to tie its monitoring technology into related systems such as IT service management (ITSM).

IT Business Edge: Preparing for the Evolution of the IT Administrator Role
By Vidya Vasu
Just as writing has come to mean texting, blogging or any form of digital writing, the cloud today means one or all of the three Cs: computing, connectivity and communication. And just as nearly all thought to putting pen to paper has disappeared, all reference to the natural cloud is long forgotten. The three Cs have altered the way we consume services. The adage, "change is the only constant," holds true in the IT landscape like no other, forcing IT admins to constantly learn new skills and make strategic decisions.

IoT Tech News: A four step plan to secure the Internet of Things
By Sukamal Banerjee
The Internet of Things revolution is gearing up to dramatically alter various industrial sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, energy and transportation, which together account for nearly two-thirds of the global GDP. While this promises to bring unprecedented opportunities to business and society, it also opens up various vulnerabilities and security threats. We have already heard news of baby monitors, medical gadgets and smart lights being either hacked or proven vulnerable.

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