Autotask Week in IT: The Rise of the IoT Platform

August 12, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO Insight: The Rise of the Creative CIO
By Dennis McCafferty
A clear majority of global CIOs said their influence within their organization is rising, according to a recent survey from Harvey Nash and KPMG. The resulting report, titled “The Creative CIO,” indicates that most CIOs now serve as members of the executive committee, for example. Many CIOs are also working with company leaders to develop a formalized digital strategy enterprise wide. The report reflects a broad range of findings impacting today’s tech leaders, especially with regard to their support of strategic objectives.

CIO: IoT security suffers from a lack of awareness
By Clint Boulton
As consumers we have become obsessed with connected devices. We like the idea of smart homes, smart cars, smart TVs, smart refrigerators or any machine that can be automated with sensors and an IP address. Yet fewer tasks in IT today inspire more fear than the prospect of protecting corporate networks from this proliferating wave of connected devices. The internet of things phenomenon expands the threat surface exponentially, in turn boosting business risk.

Channelinsider: 13 Key Facts the Channel Should Know About IoT
By Gina Roos
The internet of things is more than just hype, and channel companies are already making money from the IoT. In a new survey, CompTIA finds that 23 percent of the U.S. channel companies polled have made money from IoT offerings, up sharply from 8 percent in 2015. Despite challenges, the channel is making progress monetizing the IoT, and they can do it by focusing on the benefits they expect, such as improved customer experience, better asset visibility/monitoring, cost savings/higher efficiency and new product/services revenue, according to the report.

Channelnomics: Software continues climb into cloud
By Michele Pepe
The cloud software - or Software as a Service (SaaS) - market is booming. According to analyst firm IDC, SaaS delivery will dramatically outpace the delivery of traditional software over the next several years. More specifically, the SaaS model will account for $1 of every $4.59 spent on software by 2019 and will have grown to more than $112 billion in revenue by that time, up from $48.8 billion in 2014 (a CAGR of 18.3 percent).

IT Business Edge: The Rise of the ‘IoT Platform’
By Arthur Cole
The Internet of Things is the focus of most data infrastructure development these days, so it is no small wonder that the channel is starting to fill up with “IoT platforms” intent on providing soup-to-nuts support for everything data-related. But since the IoT harnesses multiple technologies to push services closer to end users than anything that has come before, is it reasonable to expect any one vendor to deliver on an integrated, end-to-end platform?

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