Autotask Week in IT: The Cloud: Coming of Age or at a Crossroads?

August 19, 2016  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Channel Insider: Public Cloud's Coming of Age a Boon to the Channel
By Michael Vizard
As the use of public cloud services becomes more common, an interesting phenomenon is starting to occur. A new survey of more than 200 IT managers conducted by SADA Systems, a solution provider specializing in cloud services, finds that reliance on third-party services to manage those clouds is increasing. Rather than disintermediating the channel, it appears that internal IT organizations are more dependent than ever on third-party services from solutions providers in the channel.

CIO: Why a security team embraces shadow IT
By Clint Boulton
When you hear the phrase "getting ahead of shadow IT," it typically comes from a CIO who is implementing new technologies so that employees won’t take it upon themselves to purchase tools. But you don't expect such proactive practices from an enterprise's information security team, which a CIO often enlists to place a moat around corporate assets. Mike Bartholomy takes a different tack at Western Union. The financial services firm's senior manager for information security says that companies that try to block everything may see it backfire.

eWEEK: IT Security Skills Shortage Means Higher Salaries, More Risks
By Sean Michael Kerner
As security threats continue to mount against organizations of all sizes around the world, demand for skilled cyber-security IT professionals has grown to the point that it far outstrips the available talent supply. To gauge the size and impact of the cyber-security skills shortage, Intel Security worked with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on a global report titled "Hacking the Skills Shortage."

MSPmentor: Cloud Deployment at a Crossroads?
By Charles Cooper
By now, you have to look long and hard to find a business hasn’t heard about the advantages it can gain by moving data to the cloud. The conventional wisdom has it that migrating to the cloud is no longer a question of if, but when. At least on paper. Rather than bounding into a new era of computing, the reality is that many organizations are still struggling to figure out the right cloud migration strategies.

IT Business Edge: In the Cloud, You Really Can Have It Your Way
By Arthur Cole
To go private or not to go private; is that really the question? A few weeks ago, I posted some thoughts on the public vs. private vs. hybrid debate, concluding that it won’t really make much difference in the long run because both public and private infrastructure is becoming less costly and more easily manageable, and the rise of software-defined architectures will shift the focus to the services that are provided, not the infrastructure they sit upon.

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