How Businesses Can Expand with the Cloud

August 30, 2016  By Julian Shelley

The team at Woodstock IT, a professional IT services company operating in Sussex and Surrey, UK, share advice about how you can help client businesses expand through the Cloud and how best to highlight the benefits:

Future Proofing

“One of the most important benefits of the Cloud is that it can be fully outsourced and built upon, reducing any IT limitations a company may be facing”, says Julian, owner of Woodstock IT.

Whereas physical servers need to be regularly maintained and eventually replaced, Cloud solutions can be remotely managed and upgraded at minimal disruption to a company owner who is focused on productivity.

When you’re approached for a switch to the Cloud, it’s important to understand how the business will grow so you can set-up a solution which gives them a reliable way to expand as business owners will want to be set-up for the foreseeable future with this investment.


As the cloud can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, time is saved because files can be easily retrieved and ultimately, the cloud backup prevents lost time reproducing work that could otherwise have been lost.

Julian adds, “Business owners don’t want unnecessary worry about their IT and the ways cloud solutions can save time is a huge bonus, especially if they operate in a competitive market. Providing peace of mind can be a huge weight off a company's shoulders.”

24/7 International Access

As needs and peaks change over the course of a business's growth, especially if they become international, resources can be scaled to different peak times allowing the service to stay flexible and perform to expectation.

Giving a company the chance to be 24/7 in a way they can utilise means they’re open to more opportunities, whether it be through instant messaging, video chats or spontaneous meetings. In this way, everyone benefits and even more enhanced IT services may be required over time.

Lower costs and less stress

The switch to the Cloud is ideal for any business wanting to spend less and stick to a strict budget. With no physical servers on site, there’s no power, repairs or cooling costs and when a company expands with an office move, it’s less hassle as there are no bulky servers to carefully remove at a cost.

In essence, the lower costs come down to the flexibility, which combine in a very appealing package. Your clients should always be aware that they can decrease as well as increase cloud storage depending on their usage, which will cut down monthly costs.

When offering your own Cloud solutions, present the facts clearly to a client and take the time to listen to any concerns and further details about their own strategic plans. It really works best when you are able to partner with your client to help them take full advantage of all the Cloud has to offer.

Julian Shelley is owner of Sussex based Woodstock IT and has been partnered with Autotask for 18 months. Focused on bespoke solutions for clients, Julian utilises his IT experience to help a range of local, small and medium sized businesses improve their IT strategy.

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