Why Santa has Unified Autotask PSA and AEM on his Wish List this Year

December 21, 2016  
Yes, that’s right even Santa has #giftgoals. The demands on Santa’s time are increasingly overwhelming and all these devices to monitor bring an entirely new meaning to making a list and checking it twice. He doesn’t want to cry or pout so he started looking for a better way to get his job done. 
Even Santa wants to maximize efficiencies and get the elves working smarter not harder. It’s a lot to coordinate, respond to and manage as you can well imagine. Santa thinks he has found the perfect present—Autotask PSA unified with Autotask Endpoint Management.  After exhaustive research done while enjoying milk and cookies, natch, Santa learned why Autotask can help save Christmas. 
He presented the following findings to the elves at their annual operations meeting:

  • We can perform all work in one place, gain access to all information when we need it and where we need it. Tickets, alerts, better response, reporting capabilities so we know who’s naughty or nice.  This means increases in our productivity, responsiveness and insight helping us to transform how we deliver our much sought after services. 
  • Closely monitor contract compliance. Let’s face it in our business this is gold. If we can increase the happy, everybody wins. 
  • Gain unprecedented uber efficiencies including time savings of up to 1 hour per day. More time to enjoy the holiday season and contemplate the true meaning of Christmas.
So, there you have it all wrapped up with a big red bow–the reasons why even Santa knows Autotask is good for business sake. 

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