Is Faster Always Better?

January 09, 2017  
In today’s world of instant gratification, you better be fast or be prepared to suffer the consequences. While it’s true that being able to respond quickly to client needs is critical, when it comes to making important decisions, is faster always better? 
Successful ITSPs|MSPs know that’s not always the case.
They know that making intelligent fact-based decisions based on good business intelligence can make a world of difference. Using a unified PSA and Endpoint Management platform, like Autotask’s, gives you access to this critical information in real-time. See the whole picture – from sales to projects, contracts and billing–to make the right decisions. And, typically you can do this ‘fast’ if you’ve put the benchmarks in place ahead of time to track the metrics that are important. 
Take the time to define the key metrics that will be used to measure success, including identifying internal objectives (such as profitability, cost control and employee utilization) and external outcomes (such as SLA performance, costs savings and allocation, and ROI).  This helps ensure positive business outcomes as well as continually improve service delivery.

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