The Million Dollar Meeting, Mastering the Client Review

February 03, 2017  By Mark Shaw
Great, you’re keeping clients businesses humming, they’ve had no interruptions to business day productivity, their files stayed secure even with an attempted ransomware attack and tickets were closed fast.

Does your client even realize the valuable role you’re playing behind the scenes? Isn’t it time you showed them how you’re keeping things rolling while proactively addressing problems before they even have a chance to be a problem? 

When you’re hearing comments like ‘what have you done for me lately?’ It’s time to re-think how you’re doing client reviews. 

Client reviews are the best opportunity for you to show your worth and prove the value clients gain by having you as a trusted partner. It’s not enough to say we’re doing x, y and z. Showing them the data so they can clearly see what’s been done is the key to taking your meetings from ‘I think that went well’ to ‘Wow, what a great meeting!’ 

Our company uses Autotask as the hub of our organization’s service delivery execution and we have found that Autotask Workbooks are essential for helping us build and grow our client relationships and make our client reviews the thing of legend.  Arm yourself with relevant, timely client information that shows you understand them and you’re getting the job done. 

Samples of key data to share:


Here are 5 ways to make your next client review a million dollar meeting: 

  1. Schedule the meeting and make it happen - face-time with your client is invaluable
  2. Bring the data that shows the full picture of what you’re delivering - Autotask Workbooks
  3. LISTEN to discover additional ways you can deliver even more value and services - in 90% of our meetings we uncover sales opportunities
  4. Help them buy the technology solutions that are going to enhance their business operations and productivity - be a strategic, indispensable expert they can always rely on 
  5. Ask for referrals - 69% of our clients are happy to refer us 
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Mark Shaw
CEO, StoredTech

Energy, enthusiasm, curiosity. Mark Shaw’s compelling approach to business and life drives StoredTech’s growth and development. Shaw founded StoredTech in 2010 to provide a significantly different approach to IT consulting, meeting the strategic business goals of customers as a partner invested in their success. His forward thinking leadership moves at the speed of technology and keeps StoredTech on the front lines of the industry as the company expands its reach to bring best-in-class solutions to market. 

An entrepreneur with innate business acumen, Shaw began his IT career as a consultant at 17 when he started his first company. Armed with degrees in Business Management and Information Systems, he moved on to garner experience and training at every level of company and business. During his tenure leading the New York State IT efforts of Hollingsworth & Vose, a multinational company, he earned his Six Sigma Black Belt and became a Green Belt Trainer. He brought that understanding of efficient business processes to subsequent positions as IT Manager for a Canadian and US-based product offering and Director of Managed Services for a technology firm serving the upstate NY region.

Shaw’s passionate leadership style combines a commitment to innovation, excellence and long-term relationships with both his staff and customers.

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